Water Spike

Turn the knob on the flow control device will adjust the flow of water. You will notice that air bubbles will form on the inside of the plastic bottle. This indicates that water is flowing out of the device. When the number of the air bubbles becomes less, it means that the water flow is less. Min. flow control is setting up one bubble appears in 2-5 seconds.

  • Model No:GA035
  • Product Size:
  • MOQ:2,000sets

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    Model No. GA035  
    Description: Water Spike
    Remark 1) 100% recycle materials.
    2) You can adjust water flow with the side knob to produce a drip flow.
    3) Keeps your soil moist for up to 7 days. No need to worry about your precious plant when you are away from home.
    4) Patented & Made in Taiwan.
    Materials: Plastic

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